Dec 7, 2022 • 25M

PF Episode 9: Why You Need Rest As Part of Your Fitness Routine

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Alex Johnson
Jen Chamberlain
Two best friends trying to escape fitness culture and sharing safe, real fitness ideas for people over 40.
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Alex’s cat, Ned, knows how important rest is.

How the heck do you measure vigor? We aren’t sure, but you don’t want reduced vigor, and that’s why you need rest. In this episode, Jen and Alex talk about what happens when you overtrain and don’t rest. News flash: it’s not good, especially if you enjoy things like libido, good moods and of course, vigor. With that in mind, what are the symptoms of overtraining? And how much rest do you need? And what do people actually mean by “rest?” Jen and Alex discuss those questions and more rest-related subjects.