Jul 7 • 27M

PF Episode 31: Extreme Heat. Wildfire Smoke. Poor Air Quality. Should We Exercise Outdoors?

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Alex Johnson
Jen Chamberlain
Two best friends trying to escape fitness culture and sharing safe, real fitness ideas for people over 40.
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a foggy city skyline with the sun in the distance
Photo by Ahmer Kalam on Unsplash

With smoke from wildfires blanketing parts of the eastern U.S. and Canada, and a “heat dome” scorching central parts of the continent, it’s been a rough summer for outdoor exercise enthusiasts. In this episode, Jen and Alex talk about outdoor workouts in less than ideal conditions like heat, humidity, smoke and poor air quality. Should you push through or head indoors? And if you decide to run, bike or hike, what precautions should you take?

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