Apr 12 • 28M

PF Episode 23: What's Your Heart Rate Telling You About Your Health?

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Alex Johnson
Jen Chamberlain
Two best friends trying to escape fitness culture and sharing safe, real fitness ideas for people over 40.
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The proportion of Americans under 40 having heart attacks went up 2% each year between 2000 and 2016. That’s a pretty sobering statistic, and it shows we should definitely be paying more attention to our heart health. So where to start? How about monitoring your heart rate! In this episode, Jen and Alex examine the research on heart rates. What does your resting heart rate tell you about your overall health? What’s your max heart rate, and how do you calculate it? And why are heart rate zones so confusing? Jen and Alex search for answers to those questions, and share some simple tips on monitoring heart rate based on their own experience.