Dec 14, 2022 • 22M

PF Episode 10: Navigating the Fitness Gift Minefield (Best and Worst Fitness Gifts)

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Alex Johnson
Jen Chamberlain
Two best friends trying to escape fitness culture and sharing safe, real fitness ideas for people over 40.
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orange cat stretching on white surface
A book on cat yoga is likely a bad fitness gift. Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash.

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means: it’s time to bestow fitness-related gifts on your fitness friends. Finding the right fitness gift can be…challenging. In this episode, Jen and Alex talk about best and worst fitness gifts. One listener shared their story about a book on cat yoga, for example. Maybe not the best idea to do yoga with an animal that has tiny knives in its paws? Jen and Alex wrap up the discussion with five tips on buying the right fitness gifts for your friends and family, and share their ultimate fitness gift recommendations for 2022.